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Staton Correctional Center

Staton Correctional Center was created and had officially operated on June 1978. This dormitory-style facility which is surrounded with razor wired fence is properly and scientifically designed to secure the quality
treatment for its inmates.

This facility offers its respective inmates with a lot of medical services, educational programs, literacy programs and even industrial programs. Moreover, the facility also features its own chapel, libraries
and counseling and abuse treatment programs.

2690 Marion Spillway Road Elmore, AL 36025
(334) 567-2221

Frank Lee Youth Center

Frank Lee Youth Center which got its name from Frank Lee, a former prison commissioner, was established on June 1964. This is a minimum-security dormitory-style center which has a total capacity to house 288 inmates. The center which continues to live thru its motto, “Through team work comes Success” is scientifically designed with complete facilities to ensure its inmates’ proper treatment.

This center’s total inmates’ population is categorized into two, which are permanent party and pre-work release inmates.

5305 Ingram Road Deatsville, AL 36022
(334) 290-3200

Elmore Correctional Facility

Elmore Correctional Facility started as a temporary institution and later during 1991, it has been renovated to a permanent and larger one. The facility, with a total capacity to house 1,050 inmates, ensures its adequate facilities within its perimeter for the benefits and proper treatment of all its inmates.
The facility also offers various opportunities for the inmates to improve itself in terms of educational programs, religious services, and self-help programs within Elmore.

3520 Marion Spillway Road Elmore, AL 36025
(334) 567-1460

Draper Correctional Facility

Draper which is situated in Elmore County formally opened and started its operation during 1939.

With a seven cellblocks in a dormitory-style and segregation unit which is able to hold 47 inmates, the facility has a total capacity to house 1145 inmates.

In the long run, this facility holds an aim to deliver a decent and comfortable housing, education and productive work for the inmates while maintaining a proper security level so escapes can be eliminated and no dangerous threats will be given to the community.

2828 Alabama Highway 143 Elmore, AL 36025
(334) 567-2221

Elmore County Arrest Records and Warrants

Hunting down the exact details of arrest records and active warrants for just about any county in Alabama can be hugely problematic – and Elmore County is no exception to this. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to access records or statistics – just that you will need to know exactly where to look.


Elmore County Marriage Certificates and Divorce Records

Have you ever tried to look up any sort of official record in Elmore County, Alabama? For that matter, have you ever attempted to look for any official record for other counties in Alabama? If so, then you have probably discovered that this can be not merely a difficult process, but a tremendously frustrating one.


Elmore County Jail and Prison Records

Due to a variety of difficult-to-decipher and archaic privacy and criminal data laws, accessing jail and prison records for people in Alabama can be a difficult process. In fact, if an individual isn’t currently imprisoned, then you must actually receive consent from them to view their criminal record. Even then, you must generally be an employer seeking to employ this person. You can access the proper forms and online resources for conducting such a search at the Criminal Background Check homepage on the homepage:


Elmore County Court Records

Hunting down court records of just about any kind is often a difficult affair for almost any county in Alabama, and Elmore County is no exception. Due to a series of privacy laws and the failure of many counties to establish an effective online presence, locating information regarding court records for Elmore County can be challenging. Therefore, you have two options when it comes to getting ahold of court records in Elmore County: you can either go through a private business to access these records, or you can attempt to contact the courts in Elmore County directly. In this article, we will outline some of the best places to contact to get ahold of these records.

You should begin by contacting the Chief Clerk of the Probate Office. This is because most of the records that the Probate Courts have access to are easy to access by members of the public, and because there’s a good chance this is the sort of record you’re looking for anyway. To contact the Chief Clerk of the Elmore County Probate Office, you can call (334)567-1139, or visit them youself at the Courthouse in Wetumpka, AL 36092.

If the records you’re huning are criminal in nature, then you should contact the District Judge’s office. Located at the same physical address as the Probate Court, you can reach this office by telephone at (334)567-1153.

If neither of the courts in Elmore County are able to access the court records you are looking for, then you should contact the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library’s Reference Desk, whom specialize in retrieving court decisions and court cases for not just Elmore County, but all of Alabama. They can be reached via email at [email protected], or by calling (800)236-4069.


Elmore County Birth Certificates and Death Records

If you have spent any time trying to find official records for almost anything in Alabama, whether they are criminal records, court records, or even arrest records, then you have probably encountered a great deal of difficulty. Regardless of exactly why this process can be so difficult is rarely as important as the frustration that such difficulty can inspire. Thankfully, this difficulty is not present for getting ahold of birth certificates and death records for people in Elmore County, Alabama.


Elmore County Public Records Resources

Created on February 15, 1866, Elmore County was named after a veteran of the American Revolution who was also an early settler of Alabama, General John Archer Elmore. The county, which is located in the east-central part of Alabama, has a total population of 65,874 as of the year 2000 and its county seat is Wetumpka.

This county’s crime statistics show that violent crimes aren’t that terrible at all, but the gradual rise in the number of drug abuse statistics mirror the worsening situation in the county. What’s wicked was a hundred and more sex offenders were found and arrested there.

County Courthouse Info:

Elmore County Courthouse:
P.O. Box 280
Wetumpka, AL 36092-0338
Telephone: (334) 567-1138

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Elmore County Sheriffs Office:
8955 U.S. Highway 231
Wetumpka, AL 36092
Telephone: (334) 567-5546

For more information about the county, visit: