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Jefferson County, Alabama – Court Records

As there are a large number of privacy laws and concerns throughout the state of Alabama, procuring online access to court records can be problematic. Many of these records are sealed as they deal with minors, some of them are sealed from public access because they deal with intensely personal issues, and others yet are not sealed but rather hard to locate. However, Jefferson County, Alabama provides an excellent website to begin your search for court records in Jefferson County. Because of this, the best place to begin your search is at the Jefferson County home page at

Although it can be used only to access tax records and other limited sorts of court information, the electronic court system of Jefferson County, Alabama, located at, can nonetheless be an excellent utility if these are the types of records you are looking for.

If you are simply trying to pay a ticket, whether for a traffic citation or another, similar issue, then you should visit this link: Here, you can set up online ticket payments, as well as receive information for how to handle these payments in person.

If none of the above options serve to get you the type of court record that you are looking for, then you should contact the Main Courthouse of Jefferson County, Alabama. Even if this facility does not have immediate access to the records that you are hunting, they can point you in the correct direction. Their mailing/physical address is 716 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N, in Birmingham, AL 53203, and they can be reached by telephone at (205)325-5171.