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Jefferson County, Alabama – Marriage and Divorce Records

Do you have a good reason to need to know if someone is married, or if they have been divorced? Are you able to prove that you’re related to the persons named on the certificates?
Well, the good news is that it doesn’t matter: in Alabama, all Vital Records that concern the marital status of persons within Alabama are considered to be public knowledge. This means that you can request and receive any of these records for any reason – and at any time. All that you need to do is pay the Alabama Department of Public Health 15$ for the first copy, and $6 for every copy after that, and you can see all of the records that you want.
The page that deals with marital records, marriage certificates, and so on can be found here:
By the same token, the page that explains the details of divorce records and divorce certificates can be located here:
Should you be so inclined, the Jefferson County ADPH even has its own website, which can be located at Because this is the ADPH branch for a major city, they handle many functions other than just the fetching of Vital Records, although they can also be tremendously useful for that. To contact the Jefferson County branch of the ADPH, simply dial (205)933-9110, and you will be patched through to the appropriate office. Alternatively, you can fill out the Contact form located on their website at