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Chilton County Jail & Prison Inmate Records Search

Unlike many counties and jurisdictions in Alabama, Chilton County provides an active roster of those inmates and prisoners whom have been incarcerated within the county. Because of this, the best place to begin an inmate search is directly at the official Chilton County Sheriff’s website, which is located at

The physical address of the Chilton County Sheriff’s Office is 500 2nd Avenue North, Clanton. This office may also be reached by telephone at (205)755-7898.

Although the Chilton County Sheriff’s Website jail roster page is updated regularly, it may have a short turnover before the prison inmate you are looking for has appeared. Due to this, it may be best for your jail prisoner search if you simply contact the Sheriff’s Office directly by telephone.

You should be aware, however, that under Alabama state law, actual criminal records, aside from those indicating whom is currently in prison, are considered private and are not accessible to the general public. However, if the individual grants your consent and you are planning to employ him, you may perform a criminal background check at

The Alabama Department of Corrections also provides a series of services for learning about the incarceration status of prison and jail inmates throughout Alabama. They specifically have a tool that allows you to search out prisoners by name, and it is located at Additionally, they provide a full roster of statistics for crime and imprisonment in Alabama, which can be narrowed down by county, and is available here:

A final set of jail records and prison statistics for Alabama, which can also be narrowed down to Chilton County, can be accessed at the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center at