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Marshall County, Alabama – Jail and Prison Records

Unlike the vast majority of counties found within the state of Alabama, Marshall County makes it rather easy to find jail and prison records for persons within that county. Where other counties have a rudimentary set of websites with only contact numbers and addresses, Marshall County provides access to hard information.
The best place to begin with your search for jail and prison records in Marshall County is with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office at You should take some time to acquaint yourself with the variety of different resources that are presented on the homepage, although we will list the ones most relevant to searches for jail/prison records.
While you cannot access the full criminal background of an individual without their express consent, and by filling out the forms provided at, you can access very recent jail and prison records.
To do so, you will want to visit this page: Here, you can search for current inmates by name by typing any portion of it into the search box, by browsing for their name at, or even by what they have been charged with at By filling out the form at the bottom of the page, you can also see all persons arrested within the last X days.
If the information you’re looking for, or the individual you are searching for is not present, then you should expand your search to other counties by utilizing the Inmate Search Tool that the Alabama Department of Corrections provides. This tool can be found and utilized by visiting