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Coffee County Arrest Records and Warrants

Having an arrest warrant issued in your name, or in the name of someone you spend a lot of time with, can have a tremendous impact on your life. This is because if you are stopped by the police for any reason, then they will arrest you on the spot and it will go worse for you once you appear in court. Generally speaking, if you have a warrant out in your name, it is best to present yourself to the proper authorities and to cooperate with them fully.

Finding out whether or not there is a warrant in your name is a straightforward process, although it will require you to contact an institution by telephone. Like many other counties in Alabama, Coffee County does not provide an online database of active arrest warrants.

You can contact the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office by dialing (334)894-5535, although they may require you to come into the station to inquire as to the nature of your arrest warrant. You can visit the Sheriff’s Office at 4 County Complex, in New Brockton.

If you are instead looking for information regarding arrest records and warrants in Coffee County, Alabama, then there are a few official websites that will be useful to you. The first of these is the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center ( The ACJIC collects a wide variety of criminal justice statistics throughout Alabama, and these results can be filtered by county.

The ADC also offers a variety of utilities, including the Inmate Search Tool (, a list of escaped prisoners (, and a listing of all individuals currently incarcerated on Death Row (