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Coffee County Marriage and Divorce Records

Despite the difficult that you may encounter when searching for any type of official record in Coffee County, Alabama online – including court records, prison records, active warrants or nearly anything else – getting ahold of Vital Records like marriage and divorce records is an easy and painless process.

This is because all Vital Records, which also include birth and death records, are handled and maintained by the Alabama Department of Public Health. Unlike birth certificates and death records, requesting and receiving information regarding the marital status of an individual does not require you to be related to them. This means that, provided you are willing to pay a small fee, you can look up the marriage status or records of divorce for an person in Alabama.

All of the information necessary for learning about marriage certificates in Alabama can be found at, and all of the information necessary for divorce records can be found at

The only hard requirement for obtaining a copy of the marriage certificate or the marriage license of an individual or a couple is that you must pay a $15.00 fee to the ADPH for the first copy of the record. Each additional copy of the record will cost $6.00.

Because Coffee County does not have a branch office for the ADPH, you must request a copy of either record at one of the links provided above.