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Coffee County Jail and Prison Records

If you aren’t sure where to begin your search for the jail and prison records of Coffee County, then you may potentially waste a great deal of time following false leads and bad information avenues. Thankfully, there are a few different official institutions that can provide you with incarceration records. You should note, however, that records for individuals not currently imprisoned are often protected and cannot be accessed without the consent of the former prisoner.

If you are an employer and you are attempting to conduct a criminal background check for a prospective employee, then you will need to visit the official background check website at Again, please note that this will require the consent of the prospective employee.

The ideal place to begin your search is the Coffee County Circuit Court. This court will have likely dealt with all criminal matters in the recent past, and should have on record everything that has transpired there. The Circuit Court can be contacted by phone at (334)347-2519, or can be visited in person at 230 N. Court Ave, in Elba.

If you are looking for an individual whom is currently imprisoned, then you can use the Inmate Search Tool that is located on the Alabama Department of Corrections website. This tool is located at, and can be used to find incarcerated persons throughout the state and in Coffee County.

Finally, the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center has a great deal of statistics compiled that will help aid you if you are conducting research instead of searching for an individual. Their homepage is A number of excellent resources can be located here, including a listing of arrests by county ( and a list of all crimes by county (