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Jackson County, Alabama – Arrest Records and Warrants

Have you done something that you fear may have caused an arrest warrant to be issued in your name in Jackson County, Alabama? Are you worried that a loved one, or even just a friend that you spend a lot of time with, has had a warrant placed in their name?

If you have reason to answer yes to any of the questions above, then you need to get an absolute answer as quickly as possible. Why? Because being arrested and not surrendering yourself first – or even just being with someone that gets arrested – can spell all sorts of legal trouble. While you should definitely consult with a defense attorney before doing anything, you will first need to find out if you have a warrant out in the first place.

Unfortunately, Jackson County, Alabama does not provide an online list of active arrest warrants. Although the county does provide an outline of the requirements for warrants – found here – you will need to contact the local authorities to find out warrant information.

The first place to begin is with the Warrant Magistrate’s Office, District Court Division. They can be reached by telephone at (256)574-9320. You may also wish to contact the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office in Scottsboro. The address for this office is 102 E Laurel St # 69, and they can be contacted by telephone at (256)574-2610.

If you are concerned that a friend or a loved one has already been arrested, then you should utilize a tool that is provided by the Alabama Department of Corrections. This tool can access a list of all persons that are in jail in Alabama, and it can be found here: