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Jackson County, Alabama – Court Records

Unless you are a lawyer, then it can be very difficult to access court records online. This is for a wide variety of reasons; lacking internet infrastructure, privacy concerns, records that are sealed from all but very specific eyes. However, that doesn’t mean that these records cannot be accessed at all – you just need to know where to look, and who to call. And that’s where this article comes in.

The first place you will want to contact is the Magistrate’s Office of the District Court of Jackson County, Alabama. The physical address of this office 102 East Laurel Street in Scottsboro, and they can be reached by calling (256)574-9320.

If this court does not have access to the records you are seeking, then you should contact next either Jackson County Corrections by dialing (256)259-3525 or visiting 201 South Houston Street in Scottsboro, or the Scottsboro Municipal Court by calling (256)259-2767, or visiting them at 916 S Broad Street, also in Scottsboro.

If none of the local courts of Jackson County, Alabama can provide you with the records you are looking for, then you should contact the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library. This library houses all court records from all court cases that have occurred in Alabama, and their reference desk exists to help you with your research. You can email the reference desk at [email protected], or by calling them at (800)236-6029.

Finally, if you are a lawyer and have access to your credentials, you can access court records online by visiting