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Jackson County, Alabama – Marriage and Divorce Records

Just about every official record has some sort of requirement or privacy concern waiting for those whom would access it: birth certificates require you to be related to the person called for on the certificate, just like death records. Court cases, particularly those dealing with minors, can be sealed from the eyes of just about everyone but those directly involved. Even arrest warrants can be a challenge to access!

But none of that is true with marriage records and/or divorce records. Because the state law of Alabama states that the marital or divorce status of any individual within the state is public knowledge, the Alabama Department of Public Health provides a copy to any person that requests it if they pay the appropriate fee.

To access the form to get ahold of a copy of a marital license or marriage certificate, visit this ADPH link: Similarly, to view the form necessary for divorce records, visit this link: Copies of any Vital Records, of which both of these are included, cost $15 for the first copy, and $6 for copies after the first.’

Jackson County, Alabama even has its own ADPH website, which is located at This website details various things that this branch office is capable of, and they can be visited in person at Jackson County Health Department, P.O. Box 398 in Scottsboro, or reached by telephone at (256)259-4161,

More information concerning Vital Records, including other types of Vital Records and even some statistics, can be found on the main homepage of the ADPH, which is located at