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Macon County, Alabama – Arrest Records and Warrants

In order to get a full criminal background check on an individual, you will need their express consent. If you are just trying to get a feel for a new employee or even find out what sort of person your daughter just started dating, demanding that they consent to a criminal background search can be a bit much. However, you can still find out if they have very recently served time in prison, and you can even find out if they currently are imprisoned if you haven’t heard from them in awhile.
The place best to begin is the Macon County Sheriff’s Office, which can be reached by telephone at (334)724-0669, or in person at 246 County Road 10 in Tuskegee.
However, the website that will probably be of most service to you is the Alabama Department of Corrections. Their webpage,, hosts a variety of excellent resources for learning about criminals and persons in Alabama – including Macon County arrest records and warrants. Some great portions of the site include their Inmate Search Tool, located at, which can be used to find any person that is currently in jail in Alabama – including in Macon County. This website also has an entire suite of statistics concerning the imprisoned population, which you can utilize to glean all sorts of fascinating insights. The stats page can be accessed at
Another great data-driven website is the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center. Specifically, you will want to take a look at their series on Crime in Alabama, beginning with the overview at 2009.