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Macon County, Alabama – Court Records

Hunting down court records for nearly any jurisdiction in the state of Alabama can be a tremendous hassle, and unfortunately, Macon County court records are no exception. Because of privacy concerns and laws throughout the state, and a lack of well-implemented web options, getting access to these records can be an exercise in frustration.
But it shouldn’t have to be – and it doesn’t. The best thing that you can do to facilitate this process and make it easier on yourself is to know where to look and who to call ahead of time – and that is exactly what this article is meant to do.
The first place you will want to call is the Office of the Macon County District Judge. Having access to a great many of the court records in Macon County, this court should be able to provide nearly everything you will need. You can visit their office in person at 101 E Rosa Parks Ave #208 in Tuskegee, or by calling (334)727-6110.
If they cannot provide suitable court records for MAcon County, then you should speak with the Tuskegee County Municipal Court. This court can be visited at the street address of 302 South Main St., also in Tuskegee, and by telephone at (334)720-0500.
Finally, the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library has a reference desk, which is fully staffed, which will be able to help you in your research. They can best be contacted by email at [email protected], or at (800)236-4069.