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Macon County, Alabama – Birth Certificates and Death Records

If you’re an adult and you have ever tried to apply for just about any type of official document, then you’ve probably discovered that there is a long string of official documents that you will be needing to get just about any of these records: a state identification card, a social security card – and a birth certificate.
This is because a birth certificate is considered to be one of the key forms of identification for Americans. Every person that was born in the United States is expected to have one, and because of this, the government has decided to use this as a primary means of identification, and thus a requirement in order to obtain certain other state documents.
Thankfully, because the Alabama Department of Public Health is singularly responsible for the maintenance of all types of Vital Records – of which birth certificates are a key part – then you need only contact this organization in order to get a new copy of your birth certificate.
You can also obtain a copy of the birth certificate of another person, although in order to do this you will need to be directly related to that person, and will thus need to show proper identification.
Death certificates, while obviously not at all useful to the person named on the certificate, are important in order to close the affairs of the deceased.
Should you wish to receive a copy of a birth record for a person of Macon County, visit this webpage: You can see all of the necessary details. Similarly, this link – – will give you all of the information required in order to obtain a death certificate.