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Morgan County, Alabama – Arrest Records and Warrants

Because of a myriad of both federal and state-based laws, it can be difficult to access the full arrest records and former jail records of people both currently in jail and those that have been released. However, simply by knowing where to look for Morgan County, Alabama arrest records and warrants can save you a great deal of time.
Thankfully, Morgan County provides an active database of the persons that are Most Wanted within that county. While this is not exactly a list of active warrants, it does provide information about all of the persons for whom arrest warrants have been issued, as well as visually-identifying information about those persons. You can access this page at
The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office also provides a websi9te which deals with all of the issues concerning sex offenders in Morgan County. This page can be utilized by visiting
Although this last resource is not provided by only Morgan County, the Alabama DOC maintains a very active database of every person that is currently incarcerated within the state of Alabama. This tool can be used to see if someone you know is currently in jail. You can access this search tool at Additionally, the ADOC maintains a suite of statistics concerning the imprisoned population of Alabama, and you can sort this in a wide variety of ways if you are looking for broad swaths of information. You can find these stats at