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Morgan County, Alabama – Marriage and Divorce Records

Although it would be great if you could believe at first glance the words of someone that you have recently fallen for, it is very rarely wise to – particularly if they are older than the age of the general dating population. Who knows? They might be married to someone in another city, or even several other someones in other cities – it is often impossible to tell.

Possibly, they aren’t married now, but have been in the past – maybe even multiple times. Why someone would lie about something like this is difficult to determine, and likely, their reasons are their own.

And so are yours for wanting to look up the marriage records and divorce records for people in Morgan County. Fortunately, if you are in Alabama, your reasons can both be entirely your own as well as entirely sufficient. In Alabama, marital records and divorce certificates are considered to be public knowledge, and are therefore accessible to anyone in the state at any time.

All that you will need to do is fill out the proper paperwork (we will show you where you can find it at the bottom of this article) and provide the ADPH with the proper fee – $15 in this case. If you would like additional copies of these records, then they will each cost $6.

To take a look at the forms for marriage records and a little bit more information, head on over to this link:

For the same page, but for divorce records, then go ahead and click here: