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Morgan County, Alabama – Court Records

Unlike the extraordinarily fantastic access provided to criminal information, like arrest records and jail records, that is provided by various websites in Morgan County, court records for Morgan County are not listed online. This is due to privacy and legal concerns. However, this does not mean that they are not available – merely that you will instead have to utilize a series of different, and official, channels to access them.
One of the best places to begin your search for Morgan County court records is simply by visiting the various courts within Morgan County. The address for the Circuit Court of Morgan County, whom deals with a large number of court cases in the county, is 302 Lee Street N.E., 4th floor, in Decatur, AL. You can reach the civil branch of the court by phone at (256)351-4796. The criminal branch is (256)351-4790, and the domestic relations branch is (256)351-4724.
The address of the district court is the same as that of the circuit court, although it is located on the first floor. You may contact them by telephone at (256)351-4649 for the clerk’s office, which is absolutely the best place to begin for the district court.
If neither of the local courts are able to provide you with the court record information that you are seeking, then you should get into contact with the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library. It is the function of this library’s reference desk to provide information seekers with that information. They can be contacted through the email at [email protected], or over the telephone at (800)236-4069.