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Pike County, Alabama – Arrest Records and Warrants

Because of a wide number of different laws throughout the state of Alabama, getting actual arrest records and warrants for Pike County can be a difficult process. In addition to these laws, many smaller counties do not have websites which detail either arrest records or warrants, meaning that you will have to contact those stations directly, often, if you want access to the records.
Like most of Alabama, Pike County lacks these online resources. Although the city of Troy, which is the county seat of Alabama, has a Most Wanted section of its website (located at, it does not detail any current arrest records or warrants other than that. Similarly, the Pike County Sheriff’s Office lacks these same resources.
You can contact the Troy Police Department at telephone at (334)566-0500 or at 300 E. Elm Street, in Troy. The Pike County Sheriff’s Office is also in Troy, and can be reached by phone at (334)566-4347.
If you are looking for broad statistics about the crimes that occur in Alabama, then you should consult the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center. It is the singular purpose of this institution to provide statistics that deal with criminal levels and actions of all kinds across the state. Their homepage is Among other things, this website can provide arrests by county (, and even all of the crimes in Alabama for the year of 2009 (
Finally, to conduct a full criminal background check, visit this link: Please note that this type of search requires consent on behalf of the person being investigated.