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Pike County, Alabama – Jail and Prison Records

While many of the counties that can be found throughout Alabama host websites which host detailed jail and prison records for its citizens, Pike County, Alabama does not. You must therefore contact one of a variety of city-based institutions, or contact the Pike County Sheriff’s Office directly yourself. In addition, there are several state-wide contact methods that can be utilized, which we will go over below.
The largest city, and also the county seat of Pike County, is the city of Troy. The Troy Police Department has a website which can be utilized for contact information and other types of criminal justice information, can it can be accessed at You can contact them by telephone at (334)566-0500, or in person at 300 E. Elm Street, in Troy. The Troy Police Department also has a Most Wanted section on their website, which can be found at
Alternatively, you can reach the Pike County Sheriff’s Office at 120 West Church Street, and this is also in Troy. Their phone number is (334)566-4347. At the current time, the Pike County Sheriff’s Office does not have a website.
The Alabama Department of Corrections has an Inmate Search Tool that can be used to look up the details of any person serving time at the present in any of Alabama’s correctional facilities. You can access this search device at
If you are seeking records for research purposes and do not require the names of individuals, then the ADOC can also help you there with a variety of statistics. These sets can be located at