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Pike County, Alabama – Court Records

If you have a very specific need to access certain court records, especially if they deal with your financial future or the future of your family, then it is important that you know exactly how to access them in as speedy of a manner as possible. Depending on where you live in the county of Pike, this can be a rather easy process, or one fraught with difficulty. If you live in the city of Troy, then you are in luck – because every major court in the county is located there.
You can find the Pike County Probate Judge’s Office at 120 West Church Street and at (334)6706366.
You can find the Troy Municipal City Clerk’s Office at 300 Elm Street, and at (334)566-4248.
You can find the Pike County Circuit Clerk’s Office at the same address as that of the Probate Judge’s Office, and also at (334)566-5222.
You can also find further contact information for the courts of Pike County, Alabama at This page can also provide you with a variety of details of the court, some trivia, and some of the founding history, as well as the hours of operation.
If the court records for Pike County you are looking for are older and the courts listed above have failed to procure your desired records, then you should email or telephone the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library. Their email address is [email protected], and their telephone number is (800)236-4069.