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Franklin County Birth Certificates and Death Records

If you are looking for birth certificates and death records for Franklin County, Alabama, then the first thing that you should understand is that these are a type of Vital Record, and are classified differently than other Vital Records because of how they can be accessed. What this means is that while anyone can access certain kinds of Vital Records, only certain people are permitted to access birth records and death certificates.

Broadly speaking, this is because birth certificates can be used to get ahold of a great many financial documents and other things that can compromise your identity and security. You must either be directly named on the birth record, or you must be directly related to the person that is named on the record. The full list of requirements can be found here:

Similarly, you must be related to the person whom is named on a death certificate in order to access it. The full list of requirements to access a death record can be found at

You should know that after one hundred and twenty five years has passed since the birth of the person named on the birth certificate, then that certificate becomes public information and can be accessed by anybody. Similarly, after 25 years has passed since the death of a person on the death certificate, they can be accessed by anybody.

The first copy of all Vital Records costs $15.00, and each copy after that is $6.00.