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Franklin County Marriage and Divorce Records

The first thing that you should know about marriage records and divorce records, both for Franklin County and anywhere in the state, is that they are considered public information. What this means is that, at any time, you, or anyone else, can request and receive the marital status, number of marriages, and number of divorces of any person in Alabama – no matter your relation to them.

Many other types of official records are difficult to access. This is for two reasons: that they are protected for privacy concerns (like birth and criminal records), and because of a lacking online presence for the institution that maintains the record. Thankfully, the Alabama Department of Public Health both maintains all of these records, makes them available for public use, and has an excellent online presence.

All that you need to do is fill out the appropriate paper work, and pay the corresponding fee to the Alabama Department of Public Health. This fee is $15.00 for the first copy of a marriage record or divorce record, and $6.00 for each copy after that. You can find the paper work required to get a copy of a Franklin County marriage records at, and you can find the paper work for a divorce record at

There is even a Franklin County page for the ADPH, which can be found at If you wish to visit their office in person, you can do so at 801 Highway 48, in Russellville, AL 35654, and you can contact them by telephone at (256)332-2700.