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Houston County, Alabama – Birth Certificates and Death Records

Have you spent much time attempting to hunt down records of almost any kind for Houston County, Alabama? If so, then you have probably encountered some of the same things that we have: inadequate websites, difficult-to-find contact information, and even an outright unavailability of desired information. Thankfully, this is not the case with either birth certificates or death records in Alabama.

This is in large part thanks to the Alabama Department of Public Health, whom have taken it upon themselves to collect and maintain a database of all Vital Records throughout the state, which include birth certificates in addition to death certificates.

Due to the delicate and sensitive nature of birth certificates and death records, and the myriad of financial information that can be gotten with them, you must demonstrate a particular level of relation to access a birth certificate for a person different from yourself. Broadly speaking, you must be a member of the named person’s immediate family either by marriage or by birth. There are similar, although slightly more lax, limitations for death records. The complete list of things necessary for getting ahold of birth records can be gotten at:, and the complete list of all requirements for accessing death certificates can be found here:

You should also be aware that the first copy of any Vital Record will cost $15.00, and each copy you want after that will cost $6.00. Also, the limitations placed on birth certificate access expire 125 years since the first birthday of the person named, and 25 years since the death of a person spoken of on a death certificate.

To learn more about Vital Records in Alabama, visit the official Vital Records page on the ADPH at