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Houston County, Alabama – Court Records

Hunting down court records in some parts of the country can be as easy as logging onto the appropriate website and filling in a couple of boxes – but this is unfortunately not the case for Houston County, or indeed many of the counties in Alabama. Whether this is because of legal reasons or simply because many of the individual county websites are a little behind the times is difficult to say. Because of the difficulty presented and often encountered by people, we have assembled a list of communication methods you can use to get ahold of court records for this county.

The first and probably the best way is simply by contacting the Houston County branch of the US Court Clerk. Often, court clerks maintain an active database of court records and, even if they do not have the record you are looking for, they should be able to point you in the appropriate direction. To contact their office by phone, simply dial (334)954-3600, or visit their website at

Another good option is to contact the Houston County Probate Office, whom often have access to many of the records that other courts may not. Their number is (334)677-4719, and their physical address is 462 North Oates Street in Dothan, AL.

One option that we have found to be very effective is to contact the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library’s Reference Desk, whom not only have access to most of the court records in the state, but also are staffed with the express intent of facilitating research and data retrieval. Their telephone number is toll-free, and is (800)236-4069. They can also be contacted via email at [email protected].