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Houston County, Alabama – Marriage and Divorce Records

Under Alabama state law, finding out the marital status of just about anyone is one of the easiest pieces of official information that you can come by that concerns a private citizen. What this means is that you can, for any reason and at any time, request and be granted access to the marriage certificate or divorce record of any person in Alabama – including those in Houston County.

The best place to begin is with the Alabama Department of Public Health’s website, which is located at This website not only explains all of the facets of a Vital Record – which is the type of record that a marriage or divorce certificate is a part of – but also how you can access them. The page that deals exclusively with marriage certificates and marriage records can be located at
, and the page that deals with divorce records and divorce certificates can be found at

You should be aware that while you can access these records no matter what, you will still need to pay a small fee to the ADPH. That fee is $15.00 for the first copy of any one record, and then each copy after that is $6.00.

Houston County, Alabama has both its owhn ADPH website, located at, and its own ADPH branch office. This office is located at 1781 East Cottonwood Road in Dothan, Alabama, and can be reached via telephone at (334)678-2800. Finally, you can also reach them by email by filling out their contact page at