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Randolph County, Alabama – Birth Certificates and Death Records

When working to get different kinds of records, you may have noticed a consistency among them: they can be difficult to find. Often, this is due to inadequate government websites, difficult to navigate bureaucracies, or even strict and troublesome regulations. Thankfully, if you are searching for birth and death records for Randolph County, you will encounter very few of these.

This is, in large part, thanks to the efforts of the ADPH. The ADPH, primarily responsible for the collecting of public records and helping to ensure the public health, maintains a full and active catalogue of birth and death records, ensuring that, if you need these records, you have only a single place to look.

However, there are some regulations in place: due to the potentially sensitive nature of birth certificates, you must either be the person specifically indicated by the record itself, or you must be related to that person very closely. This is to prevent many kinds of fraud.

There are also similar constraints that have been placed upon death certificates and death records, although, obviously, being named on the actual record is not one of them.

All of the necessities for birth certificates and birth records can be had here: All of the necessary requirements for death certificates and death records can be found here:

Finally, there is a small, fifteen dollar charge for the initial copy of such records, and a six dollar charge for each copy of the records after the first.