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Randolph County, Alabama – Marriage and Divorce Records

When it comes to hunting down official records provided by the state, many people encounter a wide variety of different problems. Different counties process records in different ways, sometimes the courts will not let anyone get the records that they want, and sometimes, even just figuring out where to look can be a pain.

This isn’t the case with marital certificate or divorce certificates in Randolph County, thankfully.

Getting these records is a straightforward and easy affair throughout Alabama thanks to the efforts of the Alabama DPH. This group collects and organizes all of the vital records for the state of Alabama, and for certain kinds – like marriage records and divorce records – the state does not restrict whom has access to them.

This means that you can find out if someone is or has ever been married for any reason you can think of – and you won’t need to justify them to anyone but yourself.

To get started, visit the ADPH’s website at This page explains the different things that the record will represent, where to write to request a record, and also explains the small fees that are required for these records. Those fees are as follows: $15 for the first copy of a vital record. Each copy past the first is a fee of $6.

To learn more about the ADPH and vital records in general, then visit this portion of the ADPH website: