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Randolph County, Alabama – Court Records

If you are looking for court records for Randolph County, Alabama, then you have come to the right place. While we do not host the court records for this county – only the county itself and a few specific institutions may do that – we can provide you with the optimal route for accessing these records.
Unfortunately, as Randolph County does not provide forms online to request copies of records, you will have to contact the courts themselves in order to get ahold of these records. There are a few different options for you, although generally it is best to try first via telephone.
You may reach the Randolph County Probate Judge’s Office at 1 Main St. S, in Wedoweee, AL. Their telephone number is (256)357-4933. You should also try the Randolph County Juvenile Court for all records that deal with minors (those accused that are under eighteen). The street address for this court is the same as that of the Probate Judge’s Office, and you can contact them by phone at (256)357-2618.
If neither of these routes provide the exact information that you are looking for, then we recommend you contact the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library. While this type of record-seeking is optimal for those of you wishing to conduct historical research, it can also be valuable for finding hard-to-access records, or those that took place in a county other than Randolph County. You can reach them by email at [email protected], or by phone at (800)236-4069.