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Perry County, Alabama – Court Records

Are you searching for court records for Perry County, Alabama? Unfortunately, if you are, you may be in for some small difficulty. This is because Perry County does not have a full roster of all court records online, and provides only scant details on how you can access these records. This is not necessarily the fault of Perry County, however, as nearly every court system in the state requires that you go through them, or some other official channel, in order to get at those records.
The best place to start any search for court records is at the correct court, or at the city clerk’s office. You should start with the Marion City Clerk’s Office. Their address is 123 E Jefferson Street, and the telephone line is (334)683-6545. If the clerk’s office cannot provide you with the information that you are after, then you should move down the line and directly contact the Marion Municipal Court, either at the same address as the clerk’s office, or at (334)683-8969.
A very solid resource if neither of the above are able to find the type of Perry County court records you are looking for is the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library. Housing almost all of the legal records for every decision in the state, this library will almost undoubtedly have the record you are looking for – provided that it isn’t too new or as yet sensitive and viewable only by certain parties. The best way to contact their reference desk is via email at [email protected], or at (800)236-4069.