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Perry County, Alabama – Marriage and Divorce Records

Do you have $15? Do you need to find out if someone you know, once knew, or have only recently met has become married or divorced at any point in their lives in [[county 3]], Alabama? Then you can!

In Alabama, the types of vital records that deal with marriage and divorce are all considered to be public knowledge, meaning that if you want to get these records, then you can. Although there is a small fee associated with these records, it is nominal, and is in place only to pay for the printing of these records and to pay the people that have to get the records together for you. If you want a copy of any of these records past the first, it will cost $6.

Unlike many other types of records in Alabama, the Alabama Department of Public Health collects all records of this type. When dealing with court records, jail records, and even upcoming arrest warrants, all of these records tend to be collected and maintained at the county level. This means that if you need records from a county on the other side of the state, it can be extraordinarily difficult to even talk to someone who knows where to look.

If you would like to take a look at the ADPH page that deals with marital records and marriage certificates, then visit this link: Similarly, the ADPH page that will give you more details about divorce records can be found at