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Perry County, Alabama – Jail and Prison Records

In a similar fashion to many of the counties found throughout Alabama, Perry County, Alabama does not provide an online listing of current, or even former, jail and prison records. While in some cases this is due to both legal and privacy concerns, it is difficult to determine for Perry County: this is due to an entire lack of official websites for the county. Because of this, alternative means must be utilized to procure the information that you seek.
However, the best place to start your search is by getting into contact with the Perry County Sheriff’s Office. Located on 202 Pickens Street in Marion, Alabama, this office can generally inform you of whether or not someone you may be looking for is currently in jail within the county.
However, for more robust prison records, you can utilize a tool, a search tool for inmates, that is granted by the Alabama Department of Corrections. This tool has been designed to facilitate the searching for persons currently in jail just about anywhere within the state, and is updated with an astonishing regularity. This tool can be found at
The Alabama DOC also has a series of pages set up that deal with jail and prison records for the population of prisoners as a whole. While useless for getting information about individual prisoners, it is useful if you are compiling any sort of research for the state of prisoners in Alabama. You can find these statistics at