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Blount County Arrest Records & Warrants

There are few things that can impact the things an individual is capable of in society in quite the way that having a warrant out for your arrest can. Even the simple act of driving or applying for a new job can result in an arrest, because whenever a criminal background check is run, you may find yourself being arrested. Because of this, it is critical to know as soon as possible if there is a warrant out for your arrest.

While the state of Alabama does not provide a listing of warrants that are active in Blount County, or any other county, there are some methods of discovering whether or not a warrant for arrest has been issued in your name. The best place to begin is the Blount County Sheriff’s Department website, which is located at Here, the physical address of the office is provided, as well as a series of contact numbers. Of particular interest in the discerning of arrest warrants is the phone number of the Main Office, which is (205)625-4127. You should note, however, that often most departments will not say whether or not there is a warrant out for someone. This is due to privacy reasons, and they will often ask instead for you to simply visit the office in person.

As with arrest warrants, arrest records are not provided in a public database in Blount County for privacy reasons. However, if you believe someone you know has been imprisoned, you can contact the Blount County Jail at (205)625-4133. Alternatively, you can use the Alabama Department of Corrections Prison Inmate Search Tool, which can be useful if you know the AIS, as well as the name, of the individual you believe may have been arrested. That tool can be found at