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Blount County Marriage & Divorce Records

Under Alabama state law, Vital Records – which include birth records, death records, marriage records and divorce records – are split into two distinct categories based on whom may access them, and for what reason. Under this law, anyone, at any time, may access both marriage certificates and divorce records provided that they are willing to pay a small fee in advance.

If you are attempting to learn the marital status of an individual, or simply obtain a copy of your own divorce or marriage record, then the best place to begin is the Alabama Department of Public Health website, which is located at Please note that while you may obtain records from across Alabama, including Blount county, these records are not provided online through the ADPH and must be requested using a form on their website.

Copies of marriage records and marriage certificates may be requested at A form located on this website will allow you to request the records that you are looking for.

Copies of divorce records and divorce certificates may be requested at

Regardless of whether you are attempting to obtain a copy of a marriage or a divorce record, the fee is $15.00 for the first copy, and $6.00 for each subsequent copy. Marriage records extending as far back as 1936 may be requested, and divorce records as far back as 1950.

If you are seeking records that stretch further back than this, you should contact the Blount County Records Division, whom can be contacted by telephone at (205)625-4127.