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Blount County Birth & Death Records

In Alabama, a Vital Records search, which includes birth searches, death searches, divorce and marriage records, are split into two different categories based on whom can access those records, and for what reasons. While marriage and divorce records and certificates are freely available to anyone at any time, there are certain restrictions placed on both birth and death records.

Regardless of what type of Vital Record you are looking for, the Alabama Department of Public Health is the single best resource for obtaining birth certificates or death certificates. Their website is located at

Some of the things required for obtaining a record of birth in Blount County, or anywhere in Alabama, include being directly related, by birth or marriage, to the individual named on the certificate. Further details on exactly what types of relations will allow you to obtain this record can be found at This link also provides an order form for birth records. Note that anyone may access birth records more than 125 years old.

While there are still requirements placed by the ADPH for obtaining a record of death, they are not as strict. An exact listing of the permissible relationships can be found at, as well as a form to order death certificates. Note that these records are freely available to anyone after 25 years has passed since the date of death.

Whether you are attempting to get your hands on a birth or death record, the ADPH fee for doing so is $15.00 for the first copy, and $6.00 for each additional copy.