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Blount County Court Records

Although some jurisdictions and counties in Alabama provide an online listing of all court records that may be browsed by anyone at any time, Blount County does not and instead requires individuals seeking records to inquire directly though their court system.

If you do not know what type of court record that you are looking for, then it is generally best to begin by contacting the Blount County Probate Court, as probate courts often retain the most records and have a larger staff able to accommodate requests. The address for the Blount County Probate Court is 220 Second Avenue East, Oneonta, AL 35121, and they may be reached by telephone at (205)625-4191.

The address for the Blount County Circuit Court, which will have access to a wider variety of records than the Probate Court will, is the same as the Probate Court. They may also be contacted by telephone at (205)625-4153.

In addition to the Blount County courts, this county also provides a Records division of it’s Sheriff’s Department. While this division focuses on arrest records, they will also be able to provide you with information regarding other criminal court records. They may be contacted by telephone at (205)625-4127.

A final option for obtaining court records or reading court decisions in Blount County, Alabama is by contacting the Alabama Department of Public Health, or by utilizing a number of services that they provide including access to a variety of Vital Records. Their website is located at