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Choctaw County Arrest Records & Warrants

In your search for arrest records or arrest warrants in Chocktaw County, Alabama, you will likely notice that neither of these are maintained by any sort of official website for Chocktaw County. While some counties maintain an active web page that details recent arrests and active warrants, Chocktaw County does not.

That does not mean you won’t be able to get ahold of these records, however. For finding specific details about recent arrests and warrants, you will want to contact the Chocktaw County Sheriff’s Office. The address of this office is 117 S. Mulberry St., Butler, AL. The office can also be reached via telephone at (205)459-2166.

You should note, however, that as of November 1, 2010, the Chocktaw County Jail has been shut down due to safety code violations. Because of this, contacting the jail directly to find inmates will not work as well as it may in other counties.

Another option is to contact the Chocktaw County Courthouse. This building is at the same address as the Sheriff’s Office. The court’s telephone number is (205)459-3935.

A final option is to use the Alabama Department of Corrections prisoner search tool, which is located at This can be used to find prisoners throughout the state of Alabama.

If you are instead just looking for some statistics about arrest records and warrants in Chocktaw County, Alabama, then the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center will be of great use to you. This website tracks criminal statistics and arrest statistics across the state. If you visit their county-specific tool at, then you can view data on just Chocktaw County.