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Choctaw County Marriage and Divorce Records

Are you concerned that the person you recently started seeing may have a long string of divorces behind him that you’re not being told about? Or perhaps you’re just curious if your old sweetheart from high school is single. No matter your reasoning, finding out the marital status of any individual in Alabama for any reason is easy and a legal right.

Marriage and divorce records are both a type of record known as a Vital Record. In Alabama, records of divorce and marriage are both considered to be public property. Birth and death records, the other component of Vital Records, are not.

The best place to begin your search for marriage licenses or divorce certificates is at the Alabama Department of Public Health’s homepage, which is located at You can also visit the Chocktaw County branch of the ADPH, which is located at 1001 South Mulberry Avenue, in Butler, AL. Their telephone number is (205)459-2026. The webpage for this branch office is

You should be aware that the first copy of any Vital Record, including both marriage and death records, will cost $15.00. Each copy after that will cost $6.00.

Specific information regarding marriage records, marriage licenses, and marriage certificates can be found at

Alternatively, information about divorce records, divorce proceedings, and divorce certificates can be found at