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Choctaw County Jail and Prison Records

Whether you are trying to find a loved one or an old friend that might be imprisoned in Alabama, or you are determining whether or not you should hire an individual that you suspect may have a lengthly prison record, or even if you just want to know how effective the police are in Chocktaw County, knowing how to access both jail and prison records in Alabama can be very important.

Unfortunately, Chocktaw County does not provide an active listing of individuals whom have been incarcerated within the county. The Chocktaw County Jail itself can be found at 225 Industrial Park Drive, Oneonta, AL, and contacted by telephone at (205)624-4127.

One tool that has seen a great deal of use from people all over Alabama is the ADC’s Inmate Search Tool. Located at, it can be used to find any individual whom is currently incarcerated anywhere in Alabama. This tool has the advantage of not requiring a release or consent form to access, but can only be used to find records of those individuals whom are currently imprisoned.

If you are interested in finding out the criminal, jail, and prison background of an individual, you can visit the Criminal Background Check website at You should note, however, that this tool can only be used if you have received consent from the individual whose records you’re looking up.

Are you just looking for statistics on jail and prison records in Chocktaw County, Alabama? If so, then you should take a look at the ACJIC website, which is located at