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Choctaw County Court Records

Being able to access court records is not only important for a variety of different civic functions, but, depending on which type of record, it is also often a right. Whether you are compiling a research project, trying to determine whether or not your business can accomplish a particular goal, or even just trying to determine what has happened in Chocktaw County over the last few years, knowing how to access court records is very important.

The best place to start is at the Chocktaw County Courthouse, which is located at 117 South Mulberry Avenue in Butler, AL. The number for the Circuit Clerk’s Office, which is probably where you should begin, is #10. You can reach this office through the telephone at (205)459-2155.

Another option for accessing court records of Chocktaw County is to contact the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library. While they may not have a record of all of the minor court decisions in Chocktaw County, they will have all of the significant ones, and their reference desk is much more well-equipped and staffed to facilitate your search than the actual Courthouse in Chocktaw County might be. Their address is 300 Dexter Avenue in Montgomery, AL. Their telephone number is (800)236-4069, and an email address you can contact them at is [email protected]

Two other offices that may be of use to you are the Chocktaw County Probate Office, which handles records, deeds, and marriage licenses, and the Chocktaw County Revenue Commissioner, whom handles assessments, collections, and delinquent taxes. The Probate can be reached via telephone at (205)459-2417, and the Commissioner at (205)459-3359.