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Cleburne County Warrants and Arrest Records

Unlike many other counties in Alabama, Cleburne County has established a series of websites that are designed to provide residents of Cleburne County with information regarding warrants, arrest records, court records, and more. If you are looking for any information regarding either warrants or arrest records, then the best place to begin is the Cleburne County Sheriff’s homepage, which is locate at

The home page of this website details a number of different services provided by the Cleburne County Sheriff, but of particular importance if you are looking for warrants and arrest records is the Warrants/Civil Processes Staff section, located here: Although this website does not provide an online listing of active warrants, the website explains that you can receive warrant information by emailing [email protected].

Although it is not a complete listing of active warrants, a registry of the Most Wanted offenders in Cleburne County can be found at The Sex Offender Registry for Cleburne County can be found here:

You can reach the Sheriff’s Office by telephone at (501)362-8143. By calling this number, you can request relevant arrest records, although you may have to demonstrate a specific need for this information in order to receive it. Alternatively, you can visit their office in person at 914 South 9th Street, in Heber Springs.

Finally, the Circuit Court of Cleburne County can provide you with additional arrest and court records. This court can be contacted by telephone at (256)463-5955.