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Cleburne County Birth and Death Records

Unlike investigating criminal records, arrest records, and even court records, digging up information regarding birth records and death records is relatively easy. Whereas the former often requires contacting a myriad of different state institutions, a single state entity controls all Vital Records in Alabama: the ADPH.

These records are birth certificates, death records, in addition to marriage/divorce records. The homepage for the ADPH is

Although some Vital Records, such as divorce and marriage certificates, are open to the public and can be accessed by anybody for any reason, birth certificates and death records are not. Instead, you must be able to demonstrate that you have a certain level of blood relation to the individual named on the certificate, unless you are requesting a new copy of your own birth certificate.

The requirements for obtaining a birth certificate of someone other than yourself can be found here:

The requirements for obtaining a death certificate for someone other than yourself can be found here:

Most of the requirements for obtaining a record of birth expire and are lifted one hundred and twenty five years after the birth of the person listed, and many of the requirements to obtain a death certificate expire 25 years after they are created.

All Vital Records, including birth certificates and records of death, require a $15.00 fee, paid to the ADPH before they can be obtained. Further copies of these Vital Records costs $6.00.