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Cleburne County Alabama Court Records

Are you looking for court records for Cleburne County in Alabama? If so, a wide variety of resources exist to benefit you, and in this article we will direct you to some of the most beneficial ones.

The best place to begin your search is at the local judicial level. You should begin by contacting the Cleburne County Courthouse by calling (256)463-5655. Although not all court proceedings are a matter of public record (juvenile cases, for example, are sealed and not available to the public), many are and can be provided if you file a request with the court. The Cleburne County Courthouse can be visited at 120 Vickery St. #101 in Helfin.

Alternatively, you can contact the Office of the Cleburne County District Judge. The clerk of this office will have access to a wider variety of court materials. This office can be contacted by phone at (256)463-5955.

If the court records you are searching for are civil matters, then you should consider contacting the Civil Processes Staff of the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office. Their home page is located at, and they can be contacted via email at [email protected].

If none of these resources yield the information you are looking for, then consider contacting the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library Reference Desk. This reference desk is staffed by individuals trained in looking up court proceedings, and can directly aid you in your search. They can be contacted by telephone at (800)236-4069, or by email at [email protected].