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Cleburne County Marriage and Divorce Records

If you have ever spent time looking up Vital Records in the state of Alabama, then you have probably come to understand that there are two different types of Vital Record: those that are publicly accessible, and those that are not.

In Alabama, those Vital Records that involve birth certificates, birth records, and death certificates are not considered to be freely available to the public. This is because these records can be used to file for credit cards, state-issued ID cards, and other things of this nature. However, marriage and divorce records are freely available to anyone in Alabama whom is willing to pay a small fee.

All Vital Records, whether they involve marriages, divorces, births or deaths are handled by the Alabama Department of Public Health, which can make getting ahold of relevant records painless and straightforward.

A listing of all of the details involving marriage records, marriage certificates, and marriage licenses in Alabama can be found on the corresponding Alabama Department of Public Health page, which is located here:

Similarly, all of the necessary information to obtain divorce records, divorce certificates, and divorce proceedings can be found at the correct ADPH page, which is located at

The Cleburne County branch office of the ADPH can be contacted via telephone at (256)396-9307, or visited in person at 90 Brockford Road, and it is in Helfin.

The required fee for the first copy of all Vital Records is $15.00. Each subsequent copy costs $6.00.