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Etowah County Arrest Records and Warrants

Knowing whether or not there is an active warrant that has been made out in your name can be a critical determinant in whether or not it is safe for you to drive, appear in public, or even access important state functions. Because having an active warrant can make even appearing in public risk the possibility of being arrested and taken against your will, you should find out if a warrant has been issued in your name so you can turn yourself in.

Although you should consult with a defense attorney before turning yourself in, it is generally better in the long run for you – this is because the courts are often more merciful on those that turn themselves in.

Thankfully, Etowah County is one of the few counties in Alabama that provides a listing of both active warrants and a database of persons currently imprisoned in the county. Most counties in Alabama require that you contact the jail or court system directly to find out your warrant status, which can be problematic.

To access currently issued criminal warrants, the arrest records of those for whom a warrant is currently issued or have been imprisoned, as well as a database of persons currently imprisoned, then visit the Etowah County Sheriff’s Office online tool at

Thankfully, Etowah County has made every aspect of accessing these types of records painless and straightforward. Although you may have to demonstrate your identity, this process is significantly easier than presenting yourself before a judge.