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Etowah County Court Records

Etowah County, Alabama is one of the very few counties in Alabama that boasts excellent websites for the county itself (at as well as for its sheriff (at Even more rare is the fact that the Sheriff’s Office website has a tool that allows the displaying of active warrants, and persons currently imprisoned in the Etowah County Jail (which can be accessed at

Despite the excellent online presence of Etowah County, court records are, as with just about every other county in Alabama, difficult to come across online. Generally speaking, you will either need to contact the courts directly, or you will need to utilize the services of a private business to get ahold of Etowah County court records. In this brief article, we will show you some of the best resources for contacting those courts and requesting the records personally.

You should note, however, that due to privacy laws you may not be able to access all of the court records for Etowah County.

A database of all of the current judges, including circuit and district judges, can be found here: This is an excellent resource to begin with, especially if you know what type of court record you are looking for.

If you are unsure what court will have the records you are looking for, or if the courts in Etowah County cannot access these records for some reason, then you should visit the website for the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library. This website is located at Alternatively, you can email requests to the Reference Desk at [email protected]