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Etowah County Birth Records and Death Records

Etowath County, Alabama is one of the few counties in the state that provides an active database of not only persons currently imprisoned, but also of all active warrants for the county. What this means is that just about any official record that you could need to access in the county is easily found.

Accessing Vital Records isn’t easy because of the things that Etowah County itself has done, however. In fact, Vital Records, which include birth certificates, death records, and marital records are easy to access no matter what county you live in. This is because these records are all maintained and stored by the Alabama Department of Public Health.

There are, however, some stipulations regarding whom is allowed certain types of Vital Records. Because birth certificates are required to obtain a copy of state-issued identification and can even be used to get credit cards, birth certificates and records can only be accessed by the person named on the record, or by someone that is directly related to them. A full list of requirements can be found here:

Death records and death certificates have similar requirements, although they are not as stringent. All of the requirements can be found here:

You should be aware also that requesting a copy of either a birth certificate or a death record will cost $15.00. Each copy after the first copy costs $6.00.

Finally, all of the requirements placed on whom can access these records expire 125 years after the date of birth on a birth certificate, or 25 years after the date of death on a death record.