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Etowah County Prison and Jail Records

Although many counties in the state of Alabama do not provide an online listing of currently-imprisoned individuals, finding out whether or not someone you know or are related to is imprisoned can be a difficult process. This process can be even more problematic because the only criminal records that can be accessed by the general public are those of currently-imprisoned persons. For those persons not currently in jail, you must have their written consent to access their criminal records.

Etowah County makes this much easier, though, because this county provides an online tool that will detail not only whom is currently imprisoned in the Etowah County Jail, but also active arrest warrants and details concerning those currently imprisoned. That tool is part of the Etowah County Sheriff’s Office, and can be accessed here:

If you are looking for prison and jail record search statistics, then this tool will be of only limited use. For more refined statistics, you will need to utilize other resources. Thankfully, these records are easy to find online, thanks to two different state institutions.

The first, the Alabama Department of Corrections, hosts a wide variety of statistics that can be tremendously useful. Their statistics page can be accessed at

The second group is the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center. This group focuses on providing data on every aspect of criminality across the state, and allows users to sort results by county, crime, and a number of other variables. That tool can be accessed at