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Lamar County, Alabama – Arrest Records and Warrants

Are you worried that there was recently a warrant put out for your arrest in Lamar County, Alabama? What about for someone you know? Whether you have a sneaking suspicion that your boy snitched or if you caught a security camera out of the corner of your eye on the way out of the liquor store, knowing whether or not a warrant has actually been issued in your name can have a tremendous impact on your life.

In other words, this is one type of official notice that you cannot afford to be ignorant of.

Unfortunately, Lamar County, Alabama does not provide an online database of arrest warrants, or even a list of its most wanted persons. Due to this, you will need to contact the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office directly. You can call them at (205)695-7470, or by visiting them in person at 330 1st Street Northeast, Vernon.

If you’re worried not about your own arrest warrant but are rather concerned someone you know was recently arrested, then there are a few options available to you. The first being by contacting the Lamar County Jail by calling (205)695-7103, or in person at 1118 County Road 9, in Vernon.

Because the Lamar County Jail houses only persons arrested in Lamar County itself, you will need to utilize another resource if your friend or family member has disappeared into the penal system and you cannot seem to find them. The best place to start in this case is with the Alabama Department of Corrections, whom maintain an online database of all prisoners throughout the state of Alabama. This tool can be found online at