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Lamar County, Alabama – Jail and Prison Records

Despite the prevalence of jail and prison record listing websites on the internet for some of the counties in Alabama, Lamar County does not provide this sort of online database. Because of this, we will need to utilize other resources to find these records – and the whole purpose of this article is to help you get access to these other resources.

The first thing you should do is determine if the person in question is actually imprisoned in Alabama or not. The Alabama Department of Corrections hosts a tool that is designed to do exactly this, and it can be accessed at This can be used to find out where the person is incarcerated, as well as what their crime was.

Because of privacy concerns, you cannot access a full jail and prison record for persons in Alabama – but you can access a broad set of statistics that can help shed light on any questions regarding criminal activity in Lamar County, Alabama that you might have. The Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center is the best place to start, and you can begin your statistics search here: 2009.

The Alabama DOC also plays host to a set of statistics along similar lines. These statistics, found here, are more aligned along lines that involve people that are currently imprisoned, as opposed to records of crimes that were committed.

Both sets of statistics can be sorted by county, by year, and by city.

If you have the authorization of the person in question and need to conduct a criminal background check, you may do so here: