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Lamar County, Alabama – Birth Certificates and Death Records

Hunting for official information of almost any kind can be more than a chore in Lamar County, Alabama – it can be almost impossible! Lamar County provides few official websites, and even fewer official record registries online, meaning that the only way you can access the records you need to have is by physically appearing at the building and requesting a copy that way. But who has time for that?

Thankfully, the Alabama Department of Public Health makes it easy to access birth certificates and death records no matter where you are in Alabama – including Lamar County. Although birth records and death certificates for Lamar County, Alabama are not exactly in an online listing on the ADPH website, they still make it an easy process to procure these records – provided you meet the requirements.

Because of privacy issues and fraud concerns, birth certificates are only available to persons related to the individual the certificate is named for, or to anyone 125 years after their date of birth. Similarly, death records have almost the exact same limitations, although you may access anyone’s death certificate only 25 years after their death. The full listing of details concerning birth certificates can be found here:, and death records can be procured through this link:

Because Lamar County does not have an ADPH branch office of its own, you will have to contact the ADPH exclusively through their website, either with the links above or through their homepage at